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How To Use Video In Email Marketing Campaigns

People share videos they watch on their phones with people in their network 90 of the time. Putting videos in your emails is a good idea since most people check them on their phones. Not all blog posts need to be extended to explain something. A video is a quick way to get your point across and improve your prospects' overall experience with your brand. Make a video about your app and share it.


It will help your prospects and encourage more people to download your app, both of which are necessary to get people to buy your brand. Studies have shown that including newsletters and blog posts in your email marketing campaign is a good idea for many reasons. This kind of video can sometimes add something.


Email marketing lets your company inform customers about new products and services and share details about itself. This way you can stay in touch with the client and other possible clients. By adding video to this mix of content you can keep your audience attention and give your product the freshness it needs.


Your email could have a link to a video, the word video in the subject line, a video embedded directly or a link in the text. Check out these four ways to use video in your email ads. Here is a step by step guide on how to use these video options in your email marketing campaign.


Include A Link To A Video In The Subject Line


Your email marketing campaign can succeed or fail based on your subject line. It is like the front door to your email. This line can make or break how many people click on your link. Adding the word video to an email can get 713 more people to open it. Don't be shy about telling people about the video email you sent them.


Once you have the perfect video let people who sign up for your emails know how this works with the video. People will know what your email is about by reading the word video in the subject line. That is what the subject line is for. So feel free to use the subject line to make people pay attention to the video you want to send in your email marketing campaign.


Insert A Link To Your Video Into Your Email Signature


When you write down what something means you put it in every email you send. This can be used as a digital business card to showcase what your brand is up to now. A video is a great way to showcase new parts of your product or service while explaining more about the ones you already offer. You can add banner ads and buttons to your brand by making your email signature.


Add your brand's most recent calls to action CTAs to these banner ads and buttons. If you put a video in a banner or as a link people can watch it after reading your paper. One way to get people to click on your email signature link is to talk about the video in the text, organize the information and catch their attention. Add a video link to your email to keep people interested.


The Textbook Should Have A Link To A Video


The video doesn't always have to be at the end of the email. Putting a link to your video in the body of an email is an easy way to share it but it is expected. Another way to make the video link stand out is to create a banner and link it to the video. One great place to tell people about your videos is in a banner at the bottom of an email.


You could also click on a social media icon to share it. You can attach a link to your YouTube page to a YouTube video that you send. You could also include a YouTube link in the email. Think about what you want to say and put the link to your video somewhere else in the email or markup text. Remember to occasionally link to your video clip in the text to keep people interested.


Embedding Videos


Another good way to use videos in email marketing is to embed them. Addingdeo improves the experience and gets more people to open your emails so you should embed videos directly. Adding videos is a great way to get more people excited and help them choose whether to buy.


Many brands use HTML emails today and adding video links to these emails is easy and practical. You can add an excellent thumbnail picture or make your video play inside an animated GIF. Either of these options can draw attention to your video content while embedding the link in the body of your email.


That way people won't have to click to view what you have to say. This makes them more likely to click and keep reading. If your file is too big your email will be sent back and end up in the spam folder. We require constant attention to stay interested because there are always new gadgets and things to do.


When you use video in your email marketing you can switch things up and make your brand efforts feel fresh. No matter how you use it, video marketing is a great way to improve your email marketing. It will keep your employees and possible customers interested and help you make more money.


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