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The Ultimate Guide To Linkedin Single Image Ad Dimensions

LinkedIn is now an essential part of professional marketing and networking. LinkedIn ads are a vital part of making a brand more visible. LinkedIn single image ads are one of the best ads because they are easy to use and get good results. With these ads businesses can communicate their message with just one powerful picture. This guide talks about the dimensions design best practices optimization tips and tools that can help you make LinkedIn Single Image Ads that work.


Why Linkedin Single Image Ads


LinkedIn Single image ads are a simple but effective way to communicate your message to professionals. They are easier to make than carousel ads and don't bother people as much as video ads. Single image ads are great for businesses of all sizes because they are cheap. These ads blend in with users' feeds making them more visible. Single image ads can get attention and sales with the right design and message. Businesses have said that these ads have helped raise awareness of their brands and generate new leads which shows how effective they are.


Standard Dimensions For Linkedin Single Image Ads


LinkedIn suggests a certain size for single image ads so that they look their best on all devices. The best size for these ads is 1280 pixels wide by 627 pixels tall. This site maintains the ad high quality look making it look professional and appealing. The aspect ratio should be 1.91:1 which fits perfectly into LinkedIn feed layout and doesn't require cropping or distortion.


Sticking to the suggested sizes is very important for keeping the design of your ad intact. If your picture doesn't fit these requirements LinkedIn may resize it automatically which could cause issues like pixelation or cropping that you didn't mean to happen. To avoid these problems ensure that your ad images' dimensions are correct from the start.


LinkedIn lets you use both JPEG and PNG as file formats. Many people use these formats which are a good image quality and file size mix. For LinkedIn single image ads the largest file size that can be used is 5MB. Your ad will load quickly if your file size is below this limit. This is especially important for people with slow internet connections or phone browsing.


When creating your image consider the essential visual elements that will make or break your ad. Your image should be high resolution to make your message clear in blurry text. People should be able to see the picture clearly and sharply as they scroll through their feeds. Use designs that are too complicated and straightforward enough because they might need to be revised on different devices when resized.


Besides how it looks what in your picture is also very important. Since LinkedIn is a professional network your ad should also be experienced so people will want to connect with you. Use images that are clear of good quality and fit with the identity and message of your brand. Add your logo to make it stand out without being too much. Please put it in a corner or somewhere else that won't get in the way so that it works with the main message instead of against it.


Text overlay can be handy in your ad but you should use it sparingly. Adding too much text to an image can make it look less powerful. LinkedIn says that text should take up at most 20 of the image. This rule helps you keep your ad clean focused and appealing to the eye. The font size and color should make the text stand out from the background so it easy to read.


Following these rules for sizes file types and design elements you can make LinkedIn single image ads that look great and get results. Not only do ads look better when formatted correctly but they also work better which means they get more engagement and overall better results. Ensure your images meet LinkedIn requirements to get the most out of your advertising.


Design Best Practices


Paying close attention to the little things is needed to make a LinkedIn single image ad look good. You must use high quality images fuzzy or pixelated images will take away from your message. Please don't put too much in your design keep it simple and clean. The text should be short and to the point with an explicit action to take. Place your logo in a way that is consistent with the main message. Colors that are different from each other will help your ad stand out in the feed. Using the same brand name in your ads helps people recognize and trust you. Ensure your ad fits in with your brand voice and overall marketing plan.


Optimizing For Mobile And Desktop


People use phones and computers to access LinkedIn so your ads need to look great on all of them. Even though the platform automatically changes the size of advertisements for different screens you should still test your designs. Make sure that images and text can be read on smaller screens. Stay away from designs that are too complicated and might not work well when scaled up. Important things like your call to action should stay in the central safe zone. This way they make sure that they remain on mobile screens. You can find and fix any problems with your ads before they go live by testing them on different devices.


Examples Of Effective Linkedin Single Image Ads


Clear messaging strong visuals and an enticing call to action are all things that make LinkedIn Single Image Ads work. For instance a tech company might use a clean high resolution image and a short tagline to show off its product. One more example would be a professional service showing off client testimonials with a picture and a brief quote. These ads jump out at you and quickly tell you what they're about. Looking at ads that worked in the past can give you ideas for your campaigns. Follow the best practices and make your ads fit your brand and audience.




LinkedIn single image ads are a great way to market your business. You can make ads people want to click on by following suggested sizes and design best practices. To reach more people ensure your site works well on mobile and desktop. Use resources and tools to improve the way you create ads. Regularly testing and measuring performance will help you improve your strategy. Using LinkedIn Single Image Ads correctly can help people find and interact with your brand a lot more. Use this ad format to find new ways to market on LinkedIn.


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